Kill zombies in 2D


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Extermination is a two-dimensional action game where, controlling a police officer, you will have to confront hordes of zombies while trying to advance in the story.

Of course, apart from the story mode that's quite entertaining and will allow you to do something more than just killing, you also have a really addictive 'survival' mode where you have to try and break your own records by killing zombies and endure their assaults in scenarios as peculiar as... a Super Mario Bros screen.

To defend yourself from all of these attacks you can count on a wide arsenal of weapons that include the survival machete, the pistol or the shotgun. All of them are essential to hold out as long as possible.

Extermination is a very entertaining game that thanks to a simple control system gets to be very addictive. Killing zombies has never been this fun.
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